What is this site?

This is a mini information portal on the Arms Deal and Seriti Commission. It was set up by the Right2Know Campaign in collaboration with Corruption Watch.

In October 2016, Corruption Watch and Right2Know launched a court challenge to the Seriti Commission’s findings, to ensure that the Arms Deal is not whitewashed. (Court papers below.)

Using the navigation menu above, you can download key evidence submitted to the Commission by key Arms Deal whistleblowers.

  • Was there corruption in the Deal? Here is key evidence.
  • Did the Deal violate procurement process? Here is key evidence.
  • Did the Deal make economic sense? Here is a declassified government report suggesting that government knew that the Deal would cost jobs and hurt the economy.

This evidence required serious investigation by the Commission, which failed to do so. It was up to the Commission, not the public, to test this evidence. The evidence on this site is already in the public domain, representing only a fraction of the documents that have been produced by investigations by agencies like the Scorpions, and several overseas investigations. But the Seriti Commission refused to make most of it public, or to cross-examine witnesses who defend the Deal.

To learn more about the history of the Arms Deal, visit Corruption Watch. To see why Corruption Watch and R2K are challenging the findings of the Commission, see here.

The public has a right to know – set the Arms Deal secrets free!